Peaty's x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves 42mm-Allir litir


  • 5.423 kr

✅ twelve Chris King colour options

✅ Spoke key cap

✅ valve core remover cap

✅ Made from 7075 aluminium

✅ Valve for life guarantee

✅ Insert Compatible base

✅ Smoked black valve core

✅ 42mm, 60mm OR 80mm length

✅ Replaceable rubber base

✅ Fits all tubeless ready rims

With design, sustainability & quality running right to the core, there’s only one company we could work with on our valve colours - chris king! with our valves for life guarantee and their stunning colourways your bike is in for a real treat for years to come!


Still made Made from lightweight anodised 7075 aluminium as standard, our new mk2 tubeless valves are now compatible with all rim inserts and come with a spoke key cap as well as a valve core removal cap.

That's Right ... The best just got even better!

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